Who Runs the World? The Administrators

Admin assistant, executive PA, receptionist, office coordinator…  A variety of titles but for me they are the nucleus of every well governed organisation. The person that can pick things up in a crisis,  who takes the brunt of complaints, who moves seamlessly between an enormous number of tasks without flustering and when you need it, who always has a pen. Behind every successful CEO is an assistant who quietly does tasks that many aren’t aware of, who picks up an email at midnight to ensure that when 9am comes the board papers are in the right place, the room is ready and if you’re really lucky, has spotted that your train timetable has changed and that your kids need a fancy dress costume next week.

Some of these tasks sound menial. And sure, perhaps they are. No one has won a Pulitzer award for finishing a PowerPoint. But the resilience of a person, often paid much less than those around them, who can be truly diplomatic in all situations, memorise the unmemorable, fill in at a moments notice and remain composed in a crisis. That is the person that changes a mediocre organisation to an exceptional one. And they are just one of the people that I believe enables good governance to flourish. 

So how do you find that person? And how do you make sure they don’t take their talents elsewhere? This article cites the 5 R’s of employee relationships to retain support staff. By using the opinions of admin staff this article explains how to create a stronger and happier admin team. Take a few minutes to consider those people in your organisation. Because sometimes, all of us need the support of the person who always has a pen.

Kim Ryder

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