Reclaiming the term ‘Governance’

There has been a flurry of conversations, blogs and articles written about Governance recently and what was once a term that invoked yawns and images of dry discussions in dusty council offices (by some anyway) is now being replaced by colourful scenes of people across organisations and communities having lively conversations about the HOW, WHO and WHERE of decision making.

I’m excited about these conversations as they start to reveal how we can bring more diverse perspectives into decision making and become more creative in our ambitions in how we carry out our collective work – whether that be at a community level or through a multinational organisation.

I’ve been on a journey myself to understand how Governance can support systemic change and I’ve found the recent series of provocations by Dark Matters help to bring the complexities of this to life, if you are interested in reading more here’s a link #BeyondtheRules — Balanced governance and ‘behaving well’ everywhere, every day. | by Dark Matter | Dark Matter Laboratories (

Lisa Clarke

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Lisa has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles across the public, voluntary, enterprise and foundation sectors. She blends her interests in systems coaching and collaboration with strategic insight to support the creation of positive social change.