Brand vs culture

As a brand strategist immersed in the somewhat complex world of governance, I find myself exploring links between the two worlds. The cultural components of how people relate and organise are critical in any governance model, whilst all too often brand doesn’t explicitly feature. In fact, the two are so interlinked they can not be separated. Not only does internal culture determine how a brand is perceived, culture IS the core of a brand. Without people there is no brand.

For a business to be successful it needs a focused and aligned workforce, along with inspired and motivated customers. Passionate staff won’t be a whole lot of use if you can’t reach your target audiences. Equally a strong identity won’t get you very far if your staff aren’t empowered to deliver your brand promise. I’m beginning to understand the importance of considering both brand and culture together, where one must support and strengthen the other, or ultimately any business will fail.

This Article in HR magazine discusses the connection articulately and gives a great couple of recent examples –

Vicky Maltby

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