Hands-on governance support

For organisations with a social mission

Our Values

Organising to unleash social change

We provide hands-on governance support to organisations, networks and partnerships with a social mission, working with you to come up with ways of doing things that actually work in the real world.

Our experience tells us that good governance starts with great people and their attitudes, and ends with systems and structures.  We don’t do standard packages, nor do we pretend to know it all.  We can help you to diagnose and prioritise action, find other specialists to help where needed, and ‘project manage’ these areas to make the process easy and relevant to what you need.  And we won’t charge you the earth.

Our Team

Bob Thust

Dave Boyle

Kimberley Ryder

Lisa Clarke

Victoria Maltby

Pete Burden

Shanaka Dias

Sam Pettit


Our Values

No Nonsense

We try to be straightforward, honest and clear. We’ll tell you what we actually think. We’re more interested in keeping things simple than writing a glossy report. We don’t do hidden charges or unexpected invoices.


We really want to understand a problem before we tackle it. We’ll take the time to get to know you. We’ll help you analyse and seek out evidence. We’ll bring in other people to get alternative points of view.


We really care about working in the best interest of your social mission and will work hard to ensure you see the value through to the end. We help you get going. We help identify the next step. We support you to test and refine what you do until it works.


We believe building strong relationships is critical to what we do. We’re always ready to talk. We treat everyone with respect, no matter their status or background. We focus on people first, and process later.

Our Approach


What We Do

We provide hands-on support and experiences to networks, partnerships and organisations with a social mission. We do this through consultancy, but also through events, training, mentoring, communications and research.

We believe good governance is about the right people, with the right attitudes, working to the right strategy who share good quality information and are supported by the right systems and structures to deliver their best. This covers a broad range of areas but always starts with people and their attitudes, or in other words skills, relationships and shared values

How We Do It

Governance means many different things to different people. The challenges people face are hugely diverse, so it’s simply not possible to be a complete ‘governance expert’, or have one set approach. We don’t do standard packages or traditional events, nor do we pretend to know it all. But we can help you to diagnose and prioritise action, find other specialists to help where needed, and work with you and others to make the process easy and relevant to what you need.


A selection of previous projects

“Practical Governance took the time to really understand us and where we are coming from. Working with them has helped us develop a strong framework to look at big decisions in the future and be clearer and more aligned about why we do what we do, and what makes us unique.”


august 2018

“Without Practical Governance’s intervention and process we wouldn’t be at the point we are now. Our board is conducting its strategic business in a much more thoughtful way. We have a clear set of actions that we are fully behind as a board and executive team.”

Toynbee Hall

November 2017

“The process helped everyone to be much clearer, not just about what they should be doing but why they are doing it. It was really lovely reading the values to our volunteers, they all agreed: ‘this is what Fordhall is to me’. It has strengthened the bond between staff, volunteers and our work.”

Fordhall Organic Farm


Previous Events


A 2 day hack exploring the practical realities of building a social movement fit for change in collaboration with The Social Change Agency
Our April 2018 event saw a group of community leaders come together to share real life examples of community led change. Off the back of the event the group created a forum to give those on the front line of community based organisations a voice. #frontlinetales